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A new industry standard for medical learning.

GlobalCastMD understands that the way that clinicians consume content now has changed. Clinicians want need-to-know information, aggregated, in consumable formats such as audio, video or text, and there when they need it. 

GlobalCastMD offers services that allow healthcare professionals and institutions the ability to shape their knowledge into engaging and more widely accessed content. We can do this by working on your existing content or hosting your live events on our customizable conference platform. 

GlobalCastMD's mobile application, StayCurrentMD, is a a digital platform for medical knowledge, offering an ecosystem for practitioners at all levels to connect, learn and share cutting-edge information—anytime, anywhere.

The StayCurrentMD app allows clinicians to aggregate any content they want, from anywhere, in any form of media, together in usable playlists of best practices that can be shared between clinicians and hospitals making it easy for clinicians to stay up to date in medical knowledge.

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Our Ecosystem

We provide the world's most advanced ecosystem for medical knowledge for experts and learners across diverse specialties, regardless of their location or resources, to share and learn from each other, promoting healthier communities.

Our Mission

GlobalCast makes it easy for clinicians to stay up to date in medical knowledge by setting a new standard for modern medical learning with content that is always engaging, always expert, and always at your fingertips.

Redefining excellence

GlobalCast sets a new standard for modern medical learning with content that is always engaging, always expert, and always at your fingertips.
Knowledge Should be Free
And how do we do that you ask?

We get that how we share knowledge can be just as important as the information itself, so we’re always innovating the ways we deliver knowledge to best fit the busy lives and unique learning styles of our practitioners.

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