IPEG 2020 TOP ABSTRACT: Laparoscopic Repair of a Complicated Morgagni Hernia after Multiple Recurrences
October 21, 2020


Hallie J Quiroz

Hallie J Quiroz; Eduardo E Perez, MD; University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

Laparoscopic repair of complex Morgagni hernias are controversial. We aim to detail the advanced laparoscopic repair of a complex, multiply recurrent Morgagni hernia. A 2-year-old male with a Morgagni hernia and a surgical history of multiple attempts, including primary repair, mesh repair, and eventual exploratory laparotomy for continued failure of the hernia repairs, eventually recurred a fourth time. Advanced laparoscopic techniques were utilized to repair of this large Morgagni hernia. Laparoscopically the hernia contents were dissected and reduced with subsequent excision of the hernia sac. The hernia defect was measured and a biologic mesh was customized to allow adequate overlap. The mesh was then inserted and was fastened with transfascial and intracorporal tying techniques. Postoperatively the patient had an uneventful recovery and two-year follow up reveals no further recurrence of the Morgagni hernia. Thus we conclude that minimally invasive surgical techniques are feasible even with complicated, multiply recurrent hernias.

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