Ulcerative Colitis and Familial Adenomatous Polyposis: Update Course 2016
August 3, 2017


At the 4th Annual Stay Current in Pediatric Surgery Update Course in 2016, Dr. Jason Frischer discusses management techniques of ulcerative colitis and familial adenomatous polyposis. Topics of discussion include nutrition, steroids, thromboprphylaxis, and surgical considerations. Presentation involves discussion of anastomosis location and type, familial adenomatous polyposis anastomosis, level of ileoanal anastomosis, pouch endoscopy with surveillance biopsy, gelpoint mini device, j-pouch creation, laparoscopic versus open approach, hand sew versus stapled anastomosis, thromboembolism, endorectal mucosectomy, fecundity and fertility after IPAA, and longterm outcomes of restorative proctocolectomy in children with ulcerative colitis.

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