Telementoring feat. Proximie - Transforming Healthcare, Episode 5 Bonus
September 19, 2022


*This is not a paid partnership w/ Proximie.* In this series we aim to introduce to new technologies and some of the leaders working on and with those technologies. We’re back with another new technology that we believe will transform healthcare. Telementoring… Here’s what you need to know in a nutshell!

Host: Em Tombash, MD

By definition, telementoring is “a relationship, facilitated by telecommunication technology, in which an expert provides guidance to a less experienced learner from a remote location.” Previous research has shown us that telementoring can be used effectively and reliably as a surgical training aid. But, how did it start?

In the traditional residency training model, a resident (trainee) spends day in and day out with an expert learning by watching the expert. Then the expert watches the trainee over and over again and over time, the trainee gets more and more autonomy. But then we graduate and we go off into practice and we're like on an island by ourselves, especially as all these new devices and technologies are developed. How do we learn new techniques once we're in practice?

So they created a model of how a practicing surgeon can learn a new technique. Step one is a course or didactic instruction. Step two is that the trainee watches the expert physically in the operating room. And at this point, they institute a simulation model of one that exists in preparation for step three, which is that the trainee actually performs the case and the experts watching them physically there in the operating room.

So then because it's difficult in practice to keep traveling, to go watch the expert over and over again, we've instituted the concept of telementoring. Telementoring allows for the two surgeons to work together virtually in classes where the expert can actually watch the trainee and certify that they actually are able to do the case on their own.

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