Ingestión de pila boton en pediatría: Experiencia de un centro y score de riesgo para predecir resultados
May 10, 2023


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“Ingestión de pila boton en pediatría: Experiencia de un centro y score de riesgo para predecir resultados” Scaline N 

P. Nina ScaliseJonathan M. DurginSteven J. StaffaNicole WynneJay MeisnerPeter NgoBenjamin ZendejasHeung Bae KimFarokh R. Demehri

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The purpose of this study was to analyze the management and outcomes of primary button battery ingestions and their sequelae at a single high-volume center, and to propose a risk score to predict the likelihood of a severe outcome.


The medical record was queried for all patients under 21 years old evaluated at our institution for button battery ingestion from 2008 to 2021. A severe outcome was defined as having at least one of the following: deep/circumferential mucosal erosion, perforation, mediastinitis, vascular or airway injury/fistula, or development of esophageal stricture. From a selection of clinically relevant factors, logistic regression determined predictors of a severe outcome, which were incorporated into a risk model.


143 patients evaluated for button battery ingestion were analyzed. 24 (17%) had a severe outcome. The independent predictors of a severe outcome in multivariate analysis were location of battery in the esophagus on imaging (96%), battery size >/ = 2 cm (95%), and presence of any symptoms on presentation (96%), with P < 0.001 in all cases. Predicted probability of a severe outcome ranged from 88% when all three risk factors were observed, to 0.3% when none were present.


We report the presentation, management, and complication profiles of a large cohort of BB ingestions treated at a single institution. A risk score to predict severe outcomes may be used by providers initially evaluating patients with button battery ingestion in order to allocate resources and expedite transfer to a center with pediatric endoscopic and surgical capabilities.

Level of evidence

Level IV.

Type of study

Clinical Research Paper.

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