IPEG 2020 TOP ABSTRACT: An unusual flexible ureteroscopy
November 4, 2020


Marc Barras, MD
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Marc Barras, MD; Delphine Demede, MD; Yaqoub Jafar, MD; Guillaume Rossignol, MD; Aurora Mariani, MD; Pierre-Yves Mure, MD, PhD; Pierre Mouriquand, MD, PhD; Université Lyon 1 - Service de chirurgie pédiatrique de Lyon

This is a case of an 11 year old boy which presents with a 8 mm ureteric stone in a transplanted kidney. Transplantation was performed with a living donor 1 year before for nephronophthisis. There was no urolithiasis in the father pre-transplant assessment. The ureteral stone was found on ultrasound scan 1 year after the transplantation. The ureter was reimplanted into the bladder using the Lich-Gregoir procedure, forbidding any access using standard ureteroscopy. A double J stent was first placed as the upper tract was dilated. A 5 mm port was placed through the lateral bladder wall, facing the ureteral meatus in order to introduce a guide in the renal cavities. After introducing a 6Fr sheath into the bladder a flexible ureteroscope was introduced into the ureter. A Dormia basket allowed to remove the stone. A trans-urethral catheter was left in the bladder for 4 days after the surgery.

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